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Progress Report #8

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Jeff Hill on "A Feasible Mechanism for the 1918 Byrne Cryptograph"

This morning I received an e-mail from reader Jeff Hill with a most interesting attachment: material from his presentation at the American Cryptogram Association's (ACA) 1990 convention in Montreal.  Jeff, a former ACA member (with the nom de plume of E E REMINGTON) presented his Chaocipher-related findings to other members at the convention. Today's e-mail brought Jeff's updated document entitled "A Feasible Mechanism for the 1918 Byrne Cryptograph" complete with related diagrams and drawings.  Here are links to Jeff's items:
(For those of you with back issues of The Cryptogram (the journal of the ACA published every two months), check out the January-February 1991 issue for pictures of Jeff at the Montreal convention.)

I want to thank Jeff for agreeing to share this wonderful contribution via the Chaocipher Clearing House.  His excellent and scholarly addition now joins existing open literature references on the fascinating subject of machine cryptography.

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Created: 8 April 2009
Last updated: 26 October 2009

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