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Progress Report #19

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Jeff Calof submits a paper: "'Silent Years' - Chapter 21 (Chaocipher) Examined: Analyzing Byrne’s Assertions"

The Chaocipher Clearing House is proud to host an excellent in-depth research paper written by Jeff Calof.  The purpose of the paper, entitled ""Silent Years" - Chapter 21 (Chaocipher) Examined: Analyzing Byrne’s Assertions", is explained in the paper's abstract as follows:

"Throughout Chapter 21 of "Silent Years", Byrne makes numerous claims, or "assertions", concerning the Chaocipher itself as well as his near 40-year journey between discovering the algorithm and publication of "Silent Years". This paper considers the veracity of these "assertions" and aims to conclusively answer questions as to whether Byrne was "asserting" from verified knowledge, speculation, hyperbole, or with intent to mislead or lie."

Jeff's paper is a welcome addition to the numerous Chaocipher-related papers already published on The Chaocipher Clearing House.  It is unique in that it analyzes the literary and historical information about Chaocipher, rather than the purely technical side, in an attempt to fathom the mind of J. F. Byrne.  The cryptographic community in general, and the Chaocipher community in particular, owe Jeff a debt for the original and interesting scholarly work he has done.

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Created: 19 November 2010

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