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Progress Report #23

Moshe Rubin (

Jeff Calof submits the solution to Kruh and Deavours's 1990 Chaocipher challenge

Paper written by Jeff Calof et al describes the history, analysis, and solution

The January 2014 issue of Cryptologia carries a paper authored by Jeff Calof (with co-authors Jeff Hill and Moshe Rubin) entitled "Chaocipher Exhibit 5: History, Analysis, and Solution of Cryptologia's 1990 Challenge" (see progress report #22).  Jeff has now submitted a short paper entitled "Chaocipher: Exhibit 5 Solution" presenting the solution to Kruh and Deavours's three-message challenge in the July 1990 issue of Cryptologia.

Jeff found Kruh and Deavour's printed document during a visit to the National Cryptologia Museum in Ft. Meade, MD in May 2013.  The purpose of Jeff's visit was to examine the treasure trove of material donated by Patricia Byrne, wife of John Byrne and daughter-in-law of John F. Byrne.

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